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Welcome to the Gabriela Randomness fan page

Gabriela Randomness Edit

Gabriela is a youtuber and she does ROBLOX she used to do Poptropica. She mostly play Boho Salon in ROBLOX and Murder Mystery , also by ROBLOX. In her channel you can see her doing roleplays with someone named Sanrus (I dont know what he is to her but I think its her cousin). She gets fan art from someone named Kawaii Potato and I BloomButterfly. She might also do giveaways for ROBLOX , like accounts or robux. 

I might make a Gabriela Randomness fan club! Named the LiIttle Potatoes, as she refrers her fans as that, on a livestream we took a vote and now were the potatoes! 

She likes chicken nuggets and I will leave her channel, my channel and her other channels on here : 

Gabriela Randomness :

Vlog Channel :\

Kawaii Potato:

Bloom Butterfly :

Gaming Cousins :


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